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    ... to what we hope is the worlds most comprehensive database of information for Ford's 80's Group B rally car, the Ford RS200.

    Built at Boreham in Essex this now rare vehicle reminds us of a time in rallying we will be unlikely to witness again.

    This website centres around an active Chat Forum and Facebook community where information is freely shared. Please feel free to join in, there is no cost, all you need is a little RS passion! - Justin Smith
  • A late starter

    In 1982 the FIA introduced a new formula for rallying called Group B.

    Group B had few limitations in terms of design and a very low "minimum" production run of 200 vehicles with no requirement that manufacturers have an existing production model.

    The Ford RS200 was a late comer to Group B with FISA approval granted on 1st Feb 1986 but time was already running out following a series of serious/fatal incidents.
  • Over Already

    On the 7th kilometre of the eighteenth stage of Rallye de France ‘Tour de Corse’, the Delta S4 being driven by Henri Toivonen and codrivenby Sergio Cresto left the stage plunging into a ravine where it caught light taking both lives.

    Within hours of the crash, Jean-Marie Balestre and the FISA decided to freeze the development of the Group B cars and ban them from competing in 1987.

    For the RS200 it was over before it ever began although the car went on to to international rallycross.
  • Thanks also to...

    Whilst this website was mine from birth it could never have been what it is today without the help and input from people like Bob Howe, Ric Lee, Geoff Page and Alan Fenwick to name but a few.

    Special thanks has to go though to Eddi Laummans who helped me write my book "Ford RS200: The Story So Far" and to Nikki Schumann and Suzi Stone who help adminster the website and much more.

    Finally to my wife Mandy who lets me indulge myself without complaint!
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About RS200.ORG

On December 31st 2003 I was lucky enough to buy my own RS200 (#193) with 2 rather large personal loans. I was 34 and it was only ever meant to be for 6 months of fun but with the passing of my grandmother a few weeks later I found myself debating clearing a little from the mortgage or keeping the car and that wasn't really a decision at all!

During my 8 month search for a car I had amassed loads of information so in an attempt to help others for the future, I created the website www.rs200.org in the hope that it might act as a central database of information for all enthusiasts of the Boreham built Group B Ford Rallycar from the 80's known as the RS200.

I was lucky enough to meet Bob Howe (aka Mr RS200) during 2003 who became a close friend until he passed away in 2012 leaving me many boxes of original RS200 documentation/information.

Since owning my car I have met some fantastic people and learnt so much about the car. I have been sent unique images, personal information and rare items including original blueprints. I have tried to ensure it is all here for everyone to enjoy. I cannot see myself ever selling the car now.

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