Welcome to rs200.org !

I created www.rs200.org to act as a central database of information for all enthusiasts of the Boreham built Group B Ford Rallycar from the 80's known as the RS200. I set it up in 2003 after buying my own car as I realised how difficult it was at that time to find information on the cars.

In January 2008 the whole of rs200.org was bulk copied and used to create rs200 <dot> com, if you want to read more about it you can do here.

In November 2009 I totally redesigned the website. I wanted it to work in such a way that others can contribute to it's future success which takes a little pressure off me as sometimes I am a little slow to make the updates. The new site is also much better at being displayed on mobile devices and is easier to search from within it's own search engines. At about this time Nikki agreed to get involved and now helps with a lot of the forum questions.

Whilst it is based on a PHPBB (forum) style it is not as simple as a forum so please don't think it is a simple BBS left to it's own devices, it's so much more than that and you do not have to sign up to browse, only if you want to contribute.

I have created some areas to store the information I am passed, a good example is the chassis number database where I try and keep track of all the cars that remain alive but some areas are left "open" for others to contribute.

I am keen not to just create simply a forum here, that would be too easy but I want to create something that we can all collaborate on, something that is living and it a product of all our knowledge. To that end I have created a Facebook account for us all also to share our enthusiasm.

Finally, thanks to all the people who have emailed me their support and more importantly their knowledge!

Klaus and Suzy deserve a special mention as they have agreed to be joint administrators of the new site.

Thanks go to so many other like Geoff Page, Bob Howe, Rick Lee and Alan Fenwick, Eddi Laummans to name but a few.

31st October 2012 - After having the site attacked (again) UK2.net threw the domain out and forced me through a series of hoops to find a new host for the site and the forum.
I have now done so and I think I have managed (with NO help from uk2) to move everything and get it all going again

Now all you need to do is click on the car below to enter !

 thanks... Justin Smith
Justin Smith 2009

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