As I have stated within other posts we are all aware of RS200’s in existence that are not “genuine” in so much as they were not part of the original 200 units assembled by FORD. Being a realist I expect some are built from stolen cars and parts but the vast majority I believe have been built up from genuine 200 parts whether they were new or old, damaged or straight, bear in mind FORD ordered around 240 chassis and tubs to supply the intended group B range so there were plenty of genuine parts around, there were also several crashed cars and bent chassis that were cast off during the early days of works testing. Those owners who have genuinely built up cars are rightly proud of them and thus I thought they deserved a place with the site – Bear in mind though that I have not verified where these cars have come from, I have just made a place for them within this site – I expect some of the cars have some interesting stories about how they came to be ! :)