All cars were assembled from White Gel Coat Bodies and most stayed that colour when sold by FORD. However, One owner who intended to buy chassis 70, 166, 104 and 159 had 104 and 159 painted black which FORD arranged, I think at either Strattons or Tickford. Sadly that purchaser died before ever taking delivery of his order so FORD, some time later, arranged the sale to new owners. New_RS200s_Boreham-1 A similar deal was arranged by a Canadian buyer who intended to take 20 RS200’s to Canada, these are the S cars. Vehicles were selected and chassis 167 and 168 were painted blue whilst 120, 121, 138, and 178 were painted red. In additional, the first owner of chassis 158 had it sprayed red after taking delivery, 115 was also sold as white but later changed to red. New_Rs200s_Boreham-2 Bob seems to recollect that a total of 6 cars were sold by FORD in non-white, here is an email from Bob on the subject… “Hi Justin, Initially all cars were painted white because most of the initial orders were for rally use. Then, when the FISA ban was imposed in May 86 we did some re-thinking because virtually all the rally orders were cancelled leaving us with a different sales programme to run.. So we did an exercise with Strattons of Wilmslow who painted 2 black, 2 red and 2 mid-blue. Subsequently a number of purchasers also painted cars in different colours. I knew of at least 1 more red, 2 yellow (one belonging to Graham Hathaway). A race car in the US was painted in a scheme similar to the Boreham rally cars but with the broad blue stripe and the narrow blue stripes replaced by 3 shades of brown. Cheers, Bob H “