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080 - KLR B - 2.4 - LHD - Current Owner known (KB) USA

Here is a list of every chassis along with any information I have found about it

Postby Justin Smith » Sat Oct 31, 2009 6:43 pm

According to the FORD papers I have seen I think this car was originally sold to Thor Holm of Norway around March 1988 and I think this was an incomplete car when sold - I wonder if this is where the 076 issues come from ?

In July 2006 I had an email from (LR) from Norway who has told me that he owns #080 and adds that she was first registered on 23rd December 1987, is LHD, has covered 456 Km, bears the index AD91240, has a 750 BHP engine built by Julian Godfrey. She is fitted with the X-trak gearbox and diffs and is in mint condition. The car is due to be featured in Performance Ford in September 2006. She is also for sale at 112000 GHB - Nice.

Sept 2013 - I have had several emails and images from the new owner in Norway (GHH).

"Hello again, Thanks for the great help, it is true that (V) have owned this car before. The car is now 100% restored and has the following data: Engine 2.4 (one of three that are made) 811 hp."

October 2014 - The deal selling the car to (GHH) fell through and the original owner, (TK) tells me he still owns the car.

November 2014 - The owner is considering selling #080 and I have uploaded some more images with the car in it's new colours.

November 2017 - For a long time there has been some information about this car that has not been published but today I was reminded that it was all out there now in the public arena and that is that Ken Block bought this car some time ago and has been building a monster which is now finally on the road. You can see it here in one of his videos...

If you find out anything else about this car please drop me an email and i'll update the cars entry !


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