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RS 200 Original-Rallycar C888JTH B200RS

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Postby 082 » Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:57 pm

For SALE ! ! ! a good chance to own a piece of History

My RS200 is car Nr. 082 you can see it on Chassisnumber-Database for more Info and Pictures. Mike Moreton (Ex-FORD Engineer at FORD-Rally-Department Boreham) wrote in his Book: we begann realising Rallycars immediately; the first was Car 082 in February 1986 - another Milestone.
My car is not a WM-Rallycar it´s a National-British Rallycar which was driven by Jeff Churchill at around 12 Rally´s ( i have a list Starts, Startnumber and Result). But my Rs200 has only small differents to the WM-Rallycars like Nr. 014 from Stig Blomquist driven.
The Rs200 was completly stripped, restored, rebuilt and preparing for doing more Rally´s. Also it was converted from RHD to LHD. After them only done a few Tarmac-Rally and Hillclimb´s for Display and Show. The Car has FIA-Htp Passport, U.K. and German Road-Papers. T O P C O N D I T I ON ! !

- new painted all
- new Engine (Geoff Page)
- adjust. Turboboost ( 450 - 600 hp)
- new big alloy Radiator
- all Oil-lines, Fuel-lines and water-hoses new
- new safety Bag-Tank (fuell-Cell)
- new safety seat belts
- new electr. Fire - Extinguishing system (for Passenger and Engine)
- new oil-cooler Engine
- Rollcage with FIA-Cap
- new plastic windows at doors
- Rally-Board Computer (Trip Master)
- Speakersyst. for Driver and Copilot
- Rallygearbox with oilcooling syst.
- Powersteering
- Hydr. Flyoff Handbrake-Syst.
- Speedline Splittrim´s

- a lot of Spares
- all parts to converting back from LHD to RHD
more more more

Ready for Rally ( Eifel-Rally, TAC , Goodwood, Rally-Legend, Slowly-Sideways and more)

For more Info please contact me !

Maybe partexchange possible
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Postby 082 » Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:08 pm

Sorry forget my Email :
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Postby Nikki » Tue Apr 02, 2013 10:08 pm

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